Writers Room
Writers Room is a community of songwriters that gathers together every 2nd Monday of the month at a local recording studio. Artists, publishers and Grammy award winning writers are invited as guest speakers each month to share their experiences and answer questions from the group. Writers are welcome to share songs they’re working on and get constructive feedback from the group. There is limited space available for attendance and performance. An email is sent out a week prior to the event, and RSVPs are accepted until the seats are filled. The same goes for performance spots. Writers Room is in it’s 8th year of existence and will be adding Writers Rooms in San Diego,CA and Austin,TX later this year. To be added to the mailing list, click here.

Several Times Per Year, a very exclusive dinner is held, inviting perfect strangers to find out what they have in common. It’s a little mysterious at first, but but the end of the meal, everyone has a new friend. The most unlikely people will find common ground, and the thread that binds us all will be uncovered. Each dinner has a secret theme, and the goal is to discover it before dessert. If you’re intrigued and interested in attending, click here.

Workday Wednesday
Every Wednesday we celebrate small business and coffee, buy inviting people who normally work alone or in small groups to join us in exploring a new local coffee shop or cafe and doing side by side work. It’s amazing how working with other people who are self motivated, driven and creative can inspire you to get stuff done! Plus a lot of networking and helping each other happens too! If you’re interested in joining our Teamwork days, click here!